Social Responsibility

Atlanta Motorsports Park is proud to call itself the most environmentally friendly motorsports park in the country


Using up-to-date green and sustainable technology, we pledge to deliver nothing less than the most environmentally responsible practices throughout all areas of Atlanta Motorsports Park’s facilities.

We use green technology in all applicable buildings, including solar-powered cameras, caution lighting systems, entrance signs, and water facets. AMP also makes use of energy-saving appliances, outlets, and smart switch technologies such as LED lighting systems and TV screens.

We care deeply about the continued conservation of water. This is why we have installed a well water and septic system to keep water on-site as well as waterless urinals to help curb excessive water usage in the park. We also have a storm water management system that goes a long way in reducing environmental impacts.

All our paper, glass, aluminum, and motor oils are recyclable and our products are made from pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content, making us the largest recyclers in Dawson County alone. Moreover, in order to reduce printable waste, all our forms are provided online and via e-mail.

We’ve also taken steps to restrict noise levels by putting caps on decibel levels for all vehicles participating on the AMP circuit