Atlanta Motorsports Park is proud to call itself the most environmentally friendly motorsports park in the country

At Atlanta Motorsports Park, we care about our impact on the environment and the community. All of our operations are designed to cut waste and encourage positive growth in the North Georgia area, ecologically and financially. With a powerful brand name across the Southeast, AMP wants to be a force for good – giving back to the Southern landscape and community that helped us grow.

Using the latest green technology and sustainable practices, we pledge to deliver the most environmentally responsible approach to the world of motorsports. Every aspect of our facilities are designed to use energy-saving and waste-cutting features. From LED lighting systems to solar-powered technologies, our team is pioneering the way toward a greener, more sustainable future. We set high standards in energy consumption and hope we can continue to reduce our environmental footprint.

The AMP team also cares deeply about the conservation of water. Our facilities are always aiming to limit our freshwater consumption, so we’ve installed well water systems and septic facilities in an effort to keep 100% of our water consumption on-site. Our world-class center also features the latest appliances and plumbing systems to curb excessive water usage in the park. We have also integrated a stormwater management system that helps further reduce our environmental impact on the pristine North Georgia environment.

All our paper, glass, aluminum, and motor oils are recyclable. Our products are made from pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content, making us one of the largest recyclers in Dawson County. Moreover, in order to reduce printable waste, all our forms and paperwork are provided online or via e-mail.

In a final effort to reduce noise pollution, we’ve also taken steps to restrict noise levels by putting caps on decibel levels for all vehicles participating on the AMP circuit. We’re always looking for new, innovative ways to help protect the land around us. For more information about our environmental policies and sustainability commitments, contact the team at Atlanta Motorsports Park.