Master the art of driving with an AMP Car Control Program

Ready to take your driving to the next level? Register now for the Atlanta Motorsports Park Car Control Program!

This program is designed for all levels of experience. We can custom tailor it to your level of skill and ability to consume the learning of day.  It is designed for participants to learn the limits of their own car and offers a mixture of skid pad, autocross and on-track training. You’ll practice important car handling skills in a controlled environment and discover techniques that are transferable to both road and track driving.

Use your own car and learn from a professional driving instructor.

Making small adjustments to your driving technique is important for expanding your driving ability. Expand your knowledge base by finding out how to properly rotate your car while keeping it balanced and under control. Unlock your potential by grasping threshold braking, oversteer and understeer.

Learn many important driving techniques such as trail-breaking, track cornering and car-balance control. This program will help you get maximum performance out of your car and help you gain confidence behind the wheel.

You will be equipped with the knowledge you need to become a more skilled driver. Find out what you and your car is capable of by taking the AMP Car Control Program.

This class was awesome. Instructors were experienced race drivers and very good at communicating with people with no driving skills like myself. I gained confidence after each session. Got to spend a good bit of time on track. Instructors ride with you, let you go by yourself, then provide instruction while you drive thru headphones. One of the best days of my life getting to drive on a track with no speed limit.

AMP Car Control ParticipantMarch 2017

The AMP Car Control Program was FANTASTIC. The instructors took time to answer any question and were excited to share their vast car driving experience. The instructor to student ratio is fantastically low. You get to learn a lot about how your own personal car handles and push it way beyond what you can legally do on the street. A great time and a great value. I highly recommend the class.

AMP Car Control ParticipantJuly 2016

The AMP Car Control Class is five star! AMP has put together a great program!! I am a beginning driver who has only a few track days under my belt. I took the Car Control class with the hopes that I would learn my car's capabilities as well as my own. What I received was so much more!

Brandy Roberts, MemberJune 2016

I thoroughly believe the AMP Car Control Program was one of the most productive day I've spent in any driving school. I very much think it was money well spent . I believe my driving skills are much better, Thanks to AMP

Lenny Moniz, MemberJune 2016