Sharpen your driving craft with an AMP Track Day Trainer

Looking for advanced training on-track? Register now for the Atlanta Motorsports Park Track Day Trainer!

The AMP Track Day Trainer is designed to identify your personal strengths and weaknesses behind the wheel and offer targeted evaluations. In this full day program, our expert instructors will diagnose your personal tendencies on track and offer personalized feedback to enhance your driving ability.

This program concentrates on quality track time and personalized on-track training. Your driving ability can be developed just like any other sport or activity. The more you practice with seat-time, the better driver you will become. It is important to establish smart driving habits behind the wheel.

AMP is a technical race track which requires high levels of precision and concentration, drivers will practice and develop skills in a controlled environment. The AMP Track Day Trainer will help you accomplish your goals and sharpen your driving craft.

Designed for graduates of the AMP Car Control Program, or individuals with comparable levels of experience.