Why Not All Luxury Cars Are Sports Cars

In 1928, the freshly formed Mercedes-Benz marque launched its most ambitious model yet: the SSK W06 roadster. Its supercharged inline six engine was capable of propelling it to speeds of…

Best Scenic Drives in the Southeast

With summer vacation still here for many families and fall fast approaching, the next few months are the perfect time to take a drive through many of the Southeast’s iconic…

Asphalt Day at AMP!!

120,000 square feet of additional paved parking on main track! AND seven asphalt run offs on the kart track!! Here we grow again!

Kart Racing School – Aug. 30th


My daughter and I just completed a 2 day Karting class at AMP. This was the experience of a lifetime!!! The karts are full race karts and are unreal fast. But the thing that made the the best experience ever was the staff.