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AMP Kart Racing’s inaugural Pro Summit offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage directly with the manufacturer’s design engineers, enabling participants to hear and learn straight from the experts that created the products you love.

Crafted to educate dealers, racers, novices on all aspects of kart racing, the summit’s goal is to promote universal standards of professionalism across the industry as a whole.

Held in partnership with IPK (Praga, FK, and OK1), the summit is co-sponsored by MG Tires, AIM Data, Tillotson and Hagerty’s insurance.

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Guest Speaker

Felipe Nasr

Q&A Luncheon

Saturday lunch with special guest Felipe Nasr

Karting Workshops

2 days of workshops with product specialists from the industry's leading manufacturers.

Mix & Mingle

Network and connect with peers in the industry.

Limited Space

This exclusive Pro Summit is limited to only 75 participants.

Be one of the first to try the Tillotson T4 12.5 HP motor aboard an IPK Chassis!


Saturday – 2/29 ($149)

  • Luncheon – Q&A with F1 driver Felipe Nasr
  • IAME: Motors, tuning, troubleshooting, basic rebuilding, hidden tips and tricks
  • Alpinestars Safety Talk 
  • DID Chains and Sprockets 
  • AIM Data

Sunday – 3/1 (Included)

  • MG Tires: How to read tires, get the most out of them, qualifying versus actual racing setups
  • NGK: How to choose a plug, set up gaps, read the plugs
  • Tillotson: Carburetor tuning, rebuilding, troubleshooting
  • Chassis: Set up, driving on circuit, troubleshooting

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