Karting School

Kart Racing School

Atlanta Motorsports Park’s kart racing school puts you behind the wheel of high performance racing karts capable of up to 90 mph. Sitting a mere two inches above the ground, pulling over 3G’s you’ll hone your craft on the world’s most unique and challenging kart circuit. Whether you’re looking to launch a brand new racing career or you’re craving an excuse to let loose and taste a little adrenaline-fueled fun, this individualized course can be customized to suit drivers of all abilities and skill sets, giving you a comprehensive foundation in the basics of professional kart racing.

Half Day Program 1A


  • Introduction to Karting
  • Learn Basic Driving Skills and Concepts
  • 45 Minutes of Driving On-Track

Full Day Program 1


  • Half Day Program 1A and 1B Combined
  • Lunch Provided
  • 90 Minutes of Driving On-Track

Half Day Program 1B*


  • Advanced Training for 1A Graduates* 
  • Focus on Improving Lap Times
  • 45 Minutes of Driving On-Track

Looking for Something More Personalized? Schedule a Private Instruction Session!

Private one to one instruction is available to purchase by the hour.  Cost is $125 per hour and does not include kart rental. Karts can be rented for a cost of $150 per day while receiving instruction. Contact us at school@100mphlunch.com to arrange your private instruction.

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