Retail & Services

AMP Offers Ready To Race Karts!

Karting packages are available for all ages and skill levels!
Professionally assembled and tuned karts ready to race!

– Kid kart $3199 + tax (NO Mychron – additional $499+tax)
– Cadet w/LO206 $4875 + tax (NO Mychron – additional $499+tax)
– Cadet w/mini swift package $5685 + tax (NO Mychron – additional $499+tax)
– LO206 kart package $4885 + tax (NO Mychron – additional $499+tax)
– Tag w/X30 $8825 + tax (NO Mychron – additional $599+tax)

Kart Maintenance

We offer full maintenance service on all karts and always make sure to provide most vital kart parts in stock. Kart maintenance services include professional kart assembly, chassis adjustment/set-up, carburetor and motor adjustment, up-keep, and full motor rebuilding services.

If you’re thinking about taking your old, dusty kart on the track but feel it’s overdue for a tune-up, leave the hard work to us! Bring your kart to AMP and let us assemble, adjust, and rebuild your kart so you can enjoy a carefree drive down the circuit in a kart that feels brand new.

Kart maintenance is $65 an hour for members and $75 an hour for non-members. Billing is charged in 15-minute increments.

Kart Retail

We offer the industry’s finest kart chassis, parts and service. Interested in a kart package or parts?


Kart Storage


New in 2018, the AMP Kart Racing Centre will have three private member garages!

Garage A 

80% Leased!!

Garage B  

50% Leased!!

Garage C* 

80% Leased!!

*does not have windows

Contact our member concierge Elizabeth at for details. 

Members can enjoy kart storage at a monthly rate plus a “racking fee,” providing you the opportunity to call ahead and have their kart ready to take onto the circuit. This special service includes gas and tires aired on the hot pits. Once you’ve finished driving for the day, the kart will be cleaned and all the bolts will be checked and tightened accordingly. When necessary, any maintenance or repairs will be offered for your approval at an additional charge.


Kart storage comes at a monthly charge of $75 or a yearly fee of $900. Racking comes in two separate options:

  • For $25, we will have the kart waiting for you to take onto the circuit. Any additional kart preparations are in your hands.
  • For $55, we will have the kart prepared with one gallon of mixed fuel, tire pressures set, the kart and engine inspected, and the kart waiting for you take onto the circuit.

All prices are subject to change.