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AMP Racing Series

Atlanta Motorsports Park’s race series are open to both members and guests. The AMP Championship series consists of eight races spread over eight months (March – October), with an on-going point tally that counts toward a series championship. During the off season we run the Winter Tune-Up Series from November – February. Both series run on Sundays with on-track action starting at 9:00 A.M.

Competitive groups will include the following classes:

Group 1 (SM / SE30)*

  • Spec Miata
  • Spec E30
  • Spec 924
  • Spec 944
  • INEX / Legends

Group 2 (Downforce / Winged Cars / Open)*

  • Radical SR1
  • Radical SR3
  • Spec Racer Ford Gen 3
  • Winged / Open
  • NASA/SCCA Classified Cars (Full roll cage, fire suppression, competition race cars only.)

Group 3 (GT/Full Body)*

  • 2 Classes – Under/Over 3.0 Liter
  • Spec E46
  • GT1 – GT4
  • ST1 – ST4

* The sound limit for cars on track is 98db at 50′ NO EXCEPTIONS.

Questions about race day, please give call (678) 381-8527 or email

Fast and affordable with minimum modifications, Spec Miata, Spec E30 and Spec Racer Ford cars are easy to drive and easy to race.

Don’t own a Spec Race Car? No problem! There are businesses located right on site at Atlanta Motorsports Park that can help you get started!

Discovery Parts is on site to provide you with advice and any gear you might need to get going today. Discovery Parts, Inc is the leading supplier of racing safety equipment and they pride themselves on providing the best customer service in the business.

 Primal Performance is also located on site at Atlanta Motorsports Park.  They are a full service speed shop specializing in Mazda, Porsche and Radical Sports Cars.  They offer car maintenance, chassis setup, dyno tuning, trackside support, transportation, coaching, car rentals and custom car builds.  A Primal Performance certified technician can install and configure all of aftermarket electronics, suspension components, safety equipment and engine upgrades.


Round 1 of 4: November 21, 2020

Round 2 of 4: December 19, 2020

Round 3 of 4: January 16, 2021
Results | Race Report

Round 4 of 4: February 20, 2021

Points Standing


Round 1 of 8: March 13, 2021

Round 2 of 8: April 3, 2021

Round 3 of 8: May 8, 2021

Round 4 of 8: June 26, 2021

Round 5 of 8: July 24, 2021

Round 6 of 8: August 14, 2021

Round 7 of 8: September 11, 2021

Round 8 of 8: October 23, 2021

Book into Race School

Primal Racing School – in partnership with AMP – puts you behind the wheel of the second generation Radical SR1.  Next school date: July 28th-30th.

AMP Kart Racing Light - Member Racing


kart raceday - Member Racing

AMP Kart Racing Series

The Kart Championship Series (Mar-Oct) and Winter Series (Nov-Feb) offer multiple classes for all kart owners ages 5 and up. Those who want to race but don’t own a kart, can arrive and drive in AMP’s own fleet of Sodi rental karts. Rental KA100 and Lo206 Karts available for those who have successfully completed our kart racing school.

The Kart Championship Series runs on Saturdays and consists of 8 races with the best 6 counting towards the championship total. Pit Passes start at $8/person with on-track action from 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

If you have any questions about race day, please give us a call at (678) 381-8526 or email

Important Documents

AMP Sporting Code

AMP Kart Championship Series Class Structure

2018 AMP Kart Racing Supplemental Rulebook

2019 AMP Kart Racing Supplemental Rulebook


Raceday Format

Practice 1 (5 – 7 Minutes)

Practice 2 (5 – 7 Minutes)

Qualifying (6 Minutes)

Pre Final (10 Laps)*

Final (15 Laps)

*Will count as the final if weather forces an early finish. If the race is canceled before a pre-final, then a make-up date will be scheduled. AMP will always make every effort to run races rain or shine!

Don’t own a race kart? Stop by our showroom today and talk with a staff member. Karting is one of the most affordable forms of racing and is the perfect sport for family’s to enjoy together. Monthly races all year means there is always an opportunity to get out on track!

The AMP Kart Racing Series is open to anyone who owns their own kart and meets our class tech requirements. For more track time and discounts on race fee’s and kart parts, consider becoming a Kart Track Club Member!

AMP Kart Racing is the North American distributor for Praga Kart and IPK. Purchase kart parts online and pick up track-side. Take advantage of  AMP’s storage racking and full service mechanic shop.


Round 1 of 2: January 30, 2021
Results| Race Report

Round 2 of 2: February 13, 2021


Round 1 of 8: March 27, 2021

Round 2 of 8: April 17, 2021

Round 3 of 8: May 22, 2021

Round 4 of 8: June 12, 2021

Round 5 of 8: July 17, 2021

Round 6 of 8: August 21, 2021

Round 7 of 8: September 18, 2021

Round 8 of 8: October 30, 2021

Kart Racing School (Ages 12+)

Want to learn the basics of kart racing and get an in depth understanding of how to operate an 80+MPH race kart? Sign up for our 1/2-Day or 1-Day Kart Racing School now!

Junior Karting Experience (Ages 5-11)

This program is designed for younger kids interested in learning more about karting. The Junior Karting Experience is a cost effective way to see if your child is ready to start karting.