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Famed Hollywood Stunt Driver Instructor Brings World-Class Stunt Driving School to Atlanta

Atlanta — Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) is proud to announce that they are now an official new home of Bobby Ore Motorsport’s Stunt Driving School. This professional stunt driving instruction course packs years’ worth of advanced driving knowledge into a few short sessions. All school instruction and events will be open to the public; no experience is needed. Learn to drift, draft, drag and drive like a true pro using the same techniques seen in thrilling Hollywood action movies.

Bobby Ore created the Motion Picture Driving School in 1996 to satisfy the constant demand for professional stunt driving instructions from trade organizations like the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Through the help of Ore and his expert team, aspiring stunt workers and driving enthusiasts can refine their driving skills while learning more about the stunt industry.

Realizing that others may want to learn how to perform extreme driving maneuvers, Ore opened the Bobby Ore Motorsports Stunt Driving School and Stunt Driving Experience. His schools provide the highest quality driver training to stunt driving professionals, military personnel, law enforcement officers and dignitary protection specialists. With training facilities in Florida, California and their newest location at Atlanta Motorsports Park, Bobby and his team offer years of experience and expertise.

Atlanta Motorsports Park is offering a two-hour or single-day Stunt Driving Experience program. A multi-day Stunt Driving School program is also available to those who want the ultimate thrills and challenge. Whichever program they attend, students will be introduced to stunt driving safety practices and the types of modified vehicles used to perform stunts. They will also learn hair-raising maneuvers like cruising speed 180° turns and sliding 90s. Professional stunt instructors take them on a white knuckle Hollywood-style chase scene, and they even have the option to go on a two-wheel thrill ride with Bobby Ore himself.

All of these programs are open to the public, and no prior professional driving experience is needed. Attendees must be 18 and older with a valid driver’s license in good standing. Learn how some of the most mind-blowing stunts are performed and get a much-needed adrenaline boost while receiving expert instruction from some of the best stunt performers in the industry.

Anyone interested in attending can call Atlanta Motorsports Park at (678) 381-8257 or visit the Bobby Ore AMP Stunt Driving School website at:


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