Race Day Report (5/19/19)

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Beautiful weather makes for a great day of racing; Spec Miata, E30, Downforce

Jack Stanford passes Ty Young to win thrilling E30 race.

During the first two race days this season, a trend has emerged and this past Sunday was no different. The E30 class has been dominated by two drivers. Each week they put on a show for the crowd of spectators lining the clubhouse balcony.

Race 1 started with Ty Young and Jack Stanford putting some distance on Michael Young and Joey Townsend from the start. Young’s #31 and Stanford’s #575 quickly caught up to the back of the Spec Miata field, but the #31 E30 was just too fast getting through and put a gap on the #575.

Young #865 and Townsend #26 were able to get a little action in Race 1 passing some of the Spec Miata field, but there were not enough laps remaining to close a sizeable gap between them and the two front runners.

With the field set for the final race, Race 2 started in similar fashion to Race 1. Young and Stanford were side by side, 1 and 2, banging doors most of the opening laps. Persistence paid off as Stanford finally overtook Young to take the lead.

Neck and neck, Race 2 looked like it was going to come down to the last lap when Young had trouble late, going off track, allowing Stanford to secure the victory. Michael Young took 2nd, with Joey Townsend rounding out the podium.

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Williamson wins Race 1 but can’t hang on, loses to Garcia in Race 2

With both Spec Miata and E30 running together, the starting line was crowded for Race 1. Unphased, Keith Williamson and Jose Garcia shot out to an early lead where they ran position 1 and 2 for most of the day.

Williamson created an early lead that Garcia was not able to make up. Most of the action in Race 1 was at the back of the field. Christian Tetzlaff, Kelly Williams, and Rodrigues Walker duked it out to avoid finishing last. The action was tense and the only thing separating all three cars was 1/10th of a second.

Race 2 started again with Williamson and Garcia jumping out ahead of the pack, but Williamson slipped, allowing Garcia to make an early pass. That was all the action needed to determine a winner as Williamson tried his best to retake Garcia but was unsuccessful.

Steve Tynor in the #9 Miata had a good day avoiding traffic and running mid pack until the very last caution flag when he had to exit with mechanical issues. The #81 Miata of Bill Miller was also a standout in Race 2 as he did not run in Race 1, but managed to come from the back of the pack to nab third place in Race 2.

Finishing 4th in Race 2 and 3rd in Race 1, Ernie Cole was able to grab the last podium spot in his #32 Miata.

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Downforce class ends Race Day with excitement

With 7 cars making it to the starting grid, AMP’s downforce series is starting to pick up steam. Michael Taylor and Sean Rayhall qualified 1 and 2, with Rayhall having mechanical troubles early in Race 1, sending him to the back of the field.

John Pearson in the #18 Radical broke out an early lead that would have been too much to overcome, except caution came out allowing Rayhall to pit and the rest of the field to group back up.

Rayhall makes it back on track before the restart with Pearson still in the lead and Taylor on his tail. After the restart, Taylor and Rayhall both struggle to get around the #420 Radical of Tim Stafford, eventually making the pass.

With Race 1 in its final laps, Taylor makes a move and gets the pass on Pearson. Rayhall not wanting to get left behind passes Pearson as well, but then suffers more mechanical issues and is forced to pit as the white flag is dropped. No one was left to challenge Taylor as he cruises to 1st place in Race 1.

The excitement didn’t simmer as Race 2 got underway and the #18 of John Pearson took another early lead. Starting from the back, Rayhall and the #60 Radical had his work cut out. George Cook in the #76 falls off pace and Stafford makes a sudden pit.

Reeling in the leaders, Rayhall made short work of Christopher Lima and Justin Rosenblum passing the #81 and #82 Radical’s. With the race half over, Rayhall makes one final move and passes Pearson to assume the lead.

Taylor makes the pass on Pearson leaving Rayhall and Taylor 1 and 2 again. Taylor overtakes Rayhall for the lead and builds a small gap. Rayhall fights back out braking Taylor into turn 6 eliminating any gap. Taylor and Rayhall go noes to tail through the back turns and continue down the front stretch.

Taylor barely holding the lead, sends it into turn 6, but again is outbraked by Rayhall and loses the lead. This time Rayhall is able to secure the lead and runs to victory with Taylor following a close second.

The Race 2 win was not enough for Rayhall to get the top podium spot, as the consistent performance from Taylor nabbed him 1st place overall. Rayhall took 2nd and Christopher Lima took 3rd.

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