Georgia Families Can Leave the Theater and Drive Right to a Real Life Radiator Springs

As “Cars 3” races into theaters, families can explore a North Georgia town that is all about speed.



Tucked away in the Northeast Georgia mountains is a town that has a serious passion for cars. Home to the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame and the birthplace of NASCAR legend Bill Elliott, Dawsonville has embraced motorsports has a major part of its identity.


Though it’s over a 1,000 miles from the famed Route 66 setting of Pixar’s “Cars” franchise, this sleepy southern town has the feel of a real life Radiator Springs. A Tow Mater lookalike can even be spotted as you head in from the interstate.



Visitors simply passing through would quickly be able to see the community’s love for everything automotive, with many local businesses advertising on the sides of classic cars that have been placed around town. Some store fronts have been designed to look like old fashioned service stations and others are adorned with checkered flags.



IMG_7452 IMG_7468 (2)

From classics to super, unique cars pass through Dawsonville daily. Many of them are headed to Atlanta Motorsports Park and the 2-mile road course designed by Formula  One architect Herman Tilke. Surrounded by the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, AMP and Dawsonville have become a premier destination for drivers and motorsport fans alike.







Plan your family’s trip to Dawsonville

Reach speeds up to 55mph on the world’s most unique kart track


Slide behind the wheel of the fastest karts in the Southeast and discover the thrill of driving on a circuit built to CIK level A/F1 standard that’s unlike any other in America.

Arrive and drive daily from Tuesday to Sunday, 1pm to Sundown. Suitable for ages 12 and over, no experience is needed.

Book online or arrive and drive!

Visit the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame


This unique motorsports museum is in the heart of Dawsonville and also features a moonshine distillery!

See the tallest waterfall in Georgia

Amicalola_Falls,_Georgia,_USA (1)

Reaching 729 ft, Amicalola Falls is the tallest cascading waterfall in the Southeast. Amicalola Falls and State Park and Lodge is also home to the southern most point of the famous 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail.


Summer is the perfect time to visit Dawsonville and Atlanta Motorsports Park.  Less than an hour outside of the city, it’s an ideal location for a day trip. Learn more about upcoming events at AMP.


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