Tesla Releasing Lower-Priced Version of Model X: The Tesla Model X 60D

2016 tesla model x test review car and driver photo 667986 s 429x262 - Tesla Releasing Lower-Priced Version of Model X: The Tesla Model X 60D

When the Tesla Model X released last September, people were quick to notice three shocking things about it:

  1. An electric seven seater SUV?!
  2. Did you see those falcon wing doors??
  3. Wait… it costs as much as a fully-loaded Cayenne?

The novelty of the first two has yet to wear off but, thanks to a new announcement, the sting of the sticker shock can go down. Slightly.

Elon Musk & Co. recently announced that the Model X would get a new trim level, the 60D. With a range of 200 miles and the exact same battery pack of the 75D model, it offers an “entry level” that at the very least costs less than a Mercedes SL.

Best of all, the mandatory minimum donation still gets you through the falcon wing doors with nearly all the trim and features of the top-of-the-line P90D. You get high-quality trim, sumptuous leather seats and most of the whiplash-inducing acceleration power that the other models offer.

The Tesla Model X 60D is set to launch this September.


Flux Capacitor Optional

You would be forgiven after seeing the Model X’s captivating falcon wing doors slowly lift up if you fully expected a wild-haired Christopher Lloyd in a lab coat to pop out, screaming “It’s your kids, Marty! Something’s gotta be done about your kids!”

Perhaps it was this quasi-futuristic vibe that Elon Musk was going for when he designed the world’s only fully-electric production SUV. The “wow” factor is certainly tangible, but it also created some fairly grating personality quirks. Most notably: a price tag that could easily climb above six figures.

Seeking to soften the blow and broaden the Model X’s appeal, Musk decided to tinker with the Model X 75D powertrain to see if he could lower production costs. He succeeded, by a full $9,000.

While the 60D uses the same battery pack as the 75D, it has a reduced range of 37 miles. It also has a slightly lower torque rating, from 387 lb-ft to 325 lb-ft. Like the 75D, it has a limited top speed of 130 mph. Also like the 75D, it has a 0-60 time of 6.0 seconds. That’s nearly as fast as a Golf GTI, which weighs over a ton less than the X. The only problem is that you only get five seats for that price. Getting a six or seven seat configuration will set you back a bit more.


All Tesla Model X-es Must Go!

This pricing move may just be the first of many if Tesla hopes to sustain the hype. Model 3 order queues stretch well into 2018 at this point, leaving Musk with a strong incentive to divert demand elsewhere.

Lowering the Model X entry price is a start, but it will take a lot more than a $9g discount to get people through the falcon-wing doors. With Hyundai, Nissan, GM, BMW, Porsche and others closing in on Musk’s EV party, Tesla needs to craft a wider model and pricing range to stay afloat.


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