226 - Alicia & Zeke Massie

Tell us about the cars you love to drive

2001 911 996 convertible, Volvo S60R track car, Volvo V70R

Have you ever been trained to drive?

Alicia has a few year’s worth of track time with PCA, chin, NASA, BMWCCA & MVP at Road Atlanta (my favorite), TGPR, Barber Motorsports Park and Roebling Road. Zeke has tracked his Volvo cars (station wagons and sedans) since 1998 at the aforementioned tracks with BMWCCA, Chin and NASA.

What do you do for a living?

I work for the W Atlanta Midtown Hotel.

Where do you live?

Woodstock, Ga.

How do you use your membership? Business? Pleasure?

All pleasure!

What do you like most about AMP

That there’s a track and that I’m allowed to run my convertible on.

What was it about AMP that made you want to join?

Alicia joined to openly practice her track addiction and succumb to it without having to explain it, and to give her car the workout he deserves. Zeke joined by marriage – major luck on his part.

Anything you would like to say to other potential members?

If you have even the slightest addiction to speed, this is the perfect way
to get your fix.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to join the club and experience this track..