donnal3 - Donna Lanzillotti

Tell us about the cars you love to drive

Fascinated with cars and speed since seeing the move Grand Prix as a kid and uncle’s gull wing Mercedes and succession of exotics. Current track car is a Lotus Exige S. I own a couple other sports cars, see above. 

Have you ever been trained to drive?

Driving schools include Porsche, Skip Barber, Jim Russell;  clubs and groups:  NASA, Chin, PBOC, Audi, PCA Favorite tracks to run: Barber, Road Atlanta, Infineon, Daytona Favorite event to run: LeMons 

What do you do for a living?

Owner of several small businesses

Where do you live?

Resident of Johns Creek GA

How do you use your membership? Business? Pleasure?

Pleasure primarily  and an opportunity to improve driving skills.

What do you like most about AMP

I’m most excited about AMP because: It offers a world class circuit with both challenge and safety. 

What was it about AMP that made you want to join?

What I’m most looking forward to is being able to garage the car on site and enjoy the track at my convenience; no need to transport or be at the mercy of the weather. 

Anything you would like to say to other potential members?

Look forward to the opportunity to enjoy the facilities and beautiful setting with others.