placeholder members - John North

Tell us about the cars you love to drive

Unbelievably my father owned a Bugatti before I was born, he swapped it for a Rolls Royce and converted into a flat bed lorry. It became quite famous around the County as he delivered turf on the back. He never really told us what he had done with them and why he still didn’t have them. If he had kept the Bugatti, we would have become quite wealthy. They were the War years I guess and people did strange things to survive. He had tractors, cars, lorries and all sorts of mechanical equipment. I learned from him that most engines weren’t that reliable but with a bit of time and effort they could be made to keep running. My first motorcycle was a 50cc moped. I then had a 1953 650 Tiger 110 Triumph. Later a 1970 Suzuki 380 3 cylinder 2 stroke, a GPZ 550 Kawasaki and now I ride a BMW K1200RS.I have not owned any exotic cars except for a wonderful 1953 Austin Vandan Plas Princess. This was a car designed with Mayoral processions in mind. I owned a Lloyd 500cc car, a VW Cabriolet, a Beetle with twin carbs, a Pontiac Tempest Lemans, finally ending up with a BMW528e. Since then I have had 20 years worth of US built Ford and GM cars.

Have you ever been trained to drive?

I am an avid Formula One and Moto GP follower. I have driven around most of the English, German, Belgian and Dutch tracks. I bumbled around the Nordschleife of the Nuerburgring in my beaten up VW’s. I visited the paddock at Silverstone and stood next to Stirling Moss, Jim Clark and many others. I visited the Isle of Mann, drove the old Spa circuit and rode as ballast, a couple of laps in a racing sidecar. I always dreamed of racing and becoming a rider or driver but now I see that it takes enormous physical and mental skills which I just do not have. Nevertheless I work at being as good as I can be when on the road. 

What do you do for a living?

I was trained as a Commercial Industrial Photographer. I eventually migrated into being a Technical Sales Manager for Agfa and later Kodak Polychrome Graphics. 

Where do you live?

I have lived in England, Germany, Colorado, Annapolis and now I have a home in Acworth, Georgia.

How do you use your membership? Business? Pleasure?

I’m not sure how I will use this membership. I am looking for the opportunity to build upon my speed, reactions and confidence. I was so delighted to visit with you and Jeremy. I find your concept of Atlanta Motorsports Park to be just what I need. I am a little afraid to ride the state of the art motorcycles that Steve rides. I have ridden his present machine at Road Atlanta and Barber and enjoyed every second of it. Unfortunately the capabilities of the younger riders is far superior to mine. I will definitely use my membership for pleasure. Steve and I will be looking to assemble some interesting vehicles. I love the idea of having a garage for us to work out of and not have to lug everything from place to place. 

What was it about AMP that made you want to join?

I don’t know enough about AMP yet but I know a great idea when I see one. I love that you are connecting with the two places I love in motorsports. Nuerburgring and Spa. For so many years I lived in this country and had no one to share my passion with. Ovals just couldn’t fill the gap.

Anything you would like to say to other potential members?

You have the pedigree and I want to rub shoulders with it.