tim murray1 - Tim Murray

Tell us about the cars you love to drive

My race track experience is only with motorcycles so far.  I own the following motorcycles:  BMW S1000rr; Honda CB1000r; Triumph Street Triple; Triumph Bonneville SE 

Have you ever been trained to drive?

My on-track experience is limited to four California Superbike schools (at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, VIR and Barber) and one soggy trackday at Autobahn in Chicago.

What do you do for a living?

Private Equity.  Partner Emeritus of Chicago Growth Partners. 

Where do you live?

Lake Forest, Illinois (suburb of Chicago)

How do you use your membership? Business? Pleasure?


What do you like most about AMP

Flexibility.  Quality.  Club atmosphere.

What was it about AMP that made you want to join?

To have access to a high quality race track on my terms.  The huge extra appeal is that we have a home nearby in Jasper.