Street Smarts

Equip Your Teen with Driving Skills for LIFE with an AMP Street Smarts Training Day

Could spending only $295 dollars potentially save your teen’s life?

The AMP Street Smarts driving program is aimed at teenage drivers who need a more comprehensive and hands-on driving instructor. Our program is available to students aged 15-19 who have had their permit for six months and at least 25 hours of basic driving experience with a parent or guardian.

We provide drivers of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to sharpen their driving skills, refine their handling, and learn how to navigate their vehicle under a wide variety of treacherous road conditions. In addition, the expert and professional driving instructors at AMP Street Smarts Driving School will emphasize greater “street and spatial awareness,” giving you the survival skills that will save your life when you need them the most.

The AMP Street Smarts Driving School pledges to raise awareness about the risks and dangers of unsafe driving, providing teens with a solid foundation on the tools and skills necessary to reduce risky driving and promote safe, defensive driving to teens of all ages.

Sign your teenager up for AMP Street Smarts Driving School and equip your child with the skills and knowledge required for safer driving that will give you the peace of mind every parent deserves