The Ultimate Trophy Case for Car Collectors™

Be one of the first people to join AMP’s new exclusive club of track side condo owners. Drive, relax and entertain guests like never before with great views and personal comforts from your own living space. 42 units are for sale in this first round of development, all with access to AMP’s clubhouse and conference centre, resort style pool/hot tub, water slide, fitness centre, outdoor kitchen and putting green!


Own the Ultimate Trophy Case™ for people who have the hardware and want a place to showcase it. Ownership has its tax positive advantages/incentives with cost segregation practices.  Other complexes have proven that these “car condos” are solid investments, especially if they are based at a racing circuit. Many members enjoy rolling open their garage door, and showing off their entire collection at one time to many other members or guests when events or car shows are in action. Inviting friends and clients to a motorsports country club where you own a circuit side condo, will be a memorable experience to say the least.


Ranging from from 640 to 1,280 sq. ft. on the base floor level and can be combined with adjacent condos to make larger units. The two-story units are approx 29′ tall inside the unit, include high end materials that are fire resistant, 1-hour fire rated walls, sprinkler systems, CCTV security cameras, and high-end building materials.  These units will feature 150 and 200 amp service, plumbed for water and sewer, high speed internet connection access, and motorized over sized garage doors. These units are built to last and protect your rolling investments as well as the giant trophy case holding them. Owners have 24/7 access through a secure entrance.

Motorsports Club

Your condo will be overlooking one of America’s finest motorsports country clubs. A technical and ever challenging two mile, 16 turn circuit designed by the Famed F1 Circuit Designer Hermann Tilke. One of two circuits in America carries this honor. In the design of the circuit they paid homage to two “signature” corners as a tribute to Europe’s finest and most respected road circuits – Belgium’s Spa-Francochamps and Germany’s Nurburgring. The club also offers a .83 mile world class kart circuit and clubhouse. Being a member of the club to push your vehicles limits is just part of the equation.  Truly a rare engaging and enjoyable environment where you can mix and mingle with business leaders, athletes, celebrities discuss all things business and motorsports.

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*Photos courtesy of M1 Concourse

Pricing & Availability

Track Facing

(Phase 1)

Condo Availability Price
101 Sold $258,999
102 Sold $258,999
103 Sold $258,999
104 Sold $258,999
105 Sold $258,999
106 Sold $258,999
107 Sold $258,999
108 Sold $258,999
109 Sold $258,999
110 Sold $149,999

Woods Facing

(Phase 1)

Condo Availability Price
201 Sold $233,999
202 Sold $233,999
203 Sold $233,999
204 Sold $233,999
205 Sold $233,999
206 Available $233,999
207 Sold $129,999
208 Sold $129,999
209 Available $233,999
210 Available $233,999
211 Available $129,999

Track Facing

(Phase 2)

Condo Availability Price
111 Sold $258,999
112 Available $258,999
113 Available $258,999
114 Sold $258,999
115 Available $258,999
116 Available $258,999
117 Sold $258,999
118 Available $258,999
119 Sold $258,999
120 Sold $258,999

Woods Facing

(Phase 2)

Condo Availability Price
212 Available $233,999
213 Available $233,999
214 Available $233,999
215 Available $233,999
216 Available $233,999
217 Available $233,999
218 Available $129,999
219 Available $129,999
220 Available $129,999
221 Available $129,999
222 Sold $233,999
223 Sold $233,999

*Temporary rendering due to recent improvement in design.

**Design, pricing and colors are subject to change.

Interior / Exterior Specifications

Interior Specifications

  • HVAC System
  • Optional / Limited Views of the Racing Circuit for “Oceanfront/Race Circuit Views” Each Unit has High Speed Fiber Data for Connectivity Based on your Needs.
  • 150 and 200 AMP Power, 4 Wall GFCI Receptacles / USB Connections
  • All Ceiling and Walls are Insulated with R19 CertainTeed Corporation 202-96, made in North America, Sustainable, reduces transmission of exterior sound to the interior of the building and absorbs reverberating sounds within the building.
    • Fire Resistance
    • Fire Hazard Classification: UL 723, ASTM E84, NFPA 255, Max. Flame Spread Index: 25 Max. Smoke Developed Index: 50, CAN/ULC-S102-M88
    • Non-combustible: ASTM E136 / Meets requirements
  • Car Wash Hose Bib Indoor for each Unit
  • Insulated Garage Door with Windows
  • Fire Sprinklers for Each Unit
  • Plumbing Stubbed for Each Unit
  • Second Story Windows
  • Finished Interior Walls
  • Plumbing Stubbed to Second Floor
  • Wide Overhead Doors with Remote Control Electric Opener
  • 3′ Pedestrian Door
  • Concrete Slab 
  • High Bay Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lights
  • Fire Rated Demising Walls between each Unit

Exterior Specifications

  • Fire Resistant Materials Used Throughout Building Products When Applicable
  • 30 Year Warranty on Signature 300 Metal Panels from Fading, Cracking, and Chaulking
  • Professionally Designed Landscaping, Maintained by the AssociationCampus is Gated with Security Cameras
  • Security Cameras Outside of Units
  • Professionally Designed Architecture
  • Quality Construction
  • Each Unit Individually Metered for Power
  • Conventional Proven Engineered Steel Construction

Upgrade Options

  • Second Floor Mezzanine
  • Sliding Glass NANA Doors to Open Your Second Floor to the Deck
  • Bathroom, Shower, Sinks, Kitchen or Kitchenettes
  • Car Lifts
  • Anything Else You Can Dream Of

Trading Oceanfront For Asphalt™

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